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Monday, April 19, 2010

Some Reasons for Cheating

  • One reason a student cheats is that he/she clearly hates everything about tests:
C – Clearly
H – Hates
E – Everything
A – About
T – Tests

                     Or, in studying, he/she can’t have enough attention time:
C – Can’t
H – Have
E – Enough
A – Attention
T – Time

  • A husband may cheat because from his wife, he can’t have enough attention tonight:
C – Can’t
H – Have
E – Enough
A – Affection
T – Tonight

  • A wife may cheat due to her husband’s possible cheating on her, in which she is convinced hitherto, eternally at times
C – Convinced
H – Hitherto,
E – Eternally
A – At
T – Times --ARV

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