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Monday, April 19, 2010

After the Storm: 10 Easy Tips on How to Get Over Your Ex-Husband

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I admit, right after my hubby of 19 years said goodbye to me, I wanted the word “over” in the title above to be “even with”. Yep, I really wanted to get even with him for doing that to me. Initial reaction.

But, as the days went by, the pain, shock, and trauma brought about by such initial reaction slowly diminished. One day, I know I will wake up with all these negative feelings gone.

There is no 100% accurate list of steps or tips on how to survive something like this; it’s a case-to-case basis…But in one way or another, following some steps or tips helps. There is no harm in trying.

19 long years of marriage makes me feel like an “expert” in giving out these tips on how to get over the hurts from this kind of experience:

 1.  Flashback. Try to remember all—as in all-- the bad things your husband did to you.

 2.  Do general cleaning. Keep away, for good, things that remind you of him. Hide his pictures in your antique chest.

 3.  Make yourself busy. Take that course you long wanted to, but was not able to because of him.

 4.  Have fun. Go out with your friends. Watch DVD movies until the wee hours of the morning.

 5.  If you have kids, bond with them. They are also undergoing the same pain as you are, so it is good if you include them in your having fun.

 6.  Go on a binge. Forget that diet.

 7.  Be happy. Being sad adds wrinkles to your face.

 8.  Facebook. Connect with long-time friends.

 9.  Try something new. Embark on a new career, hobby, or past time.

10.  Above all else, pray. Prayers move mountains.

When he said goodbye flat at my face that fateful Christmas Day, my theme song then was  “How am I Supposed to Live Without You?”. But, now, it is already "I Will Survive", because I am very sure that I will. -ARV


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