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Thursday, June 23, 2011

An Article: "Are Pet Shops Worth the Money?"

       “Are pet shops worth the money?”

       Somebody who plans on putting up a pet shop as a business should first ask the above question. The answer to this can either be a yes or a no because everything depends on such person’s allocated budget for it, willingness to learn the trade’s inside-outs, creativity to make his or her own pet shop stand amongst the other pet shops, dedication to the business, and determination to succeed. Plus, it helps a lot if there is an innate personal fondness and love for pet animals apart from dogs since the whole set-up has these domesticated animals as its focal point. In the event that there is none yet, it is never too late to start liking pets straight from the heart. Of course, this scenario is not really necessary for the pet shop business to work, but having a personal touch can make things easier, much easier actually.

       Anyway, to make the question have a definite “yes” answer, all of the aforementioned required factors revolving around the worthiness of pet shops must come side by side with an effective feasibility study and a realistic marketing plan. If the budget further allows, the services of a marketing professional can be sought. Otherwise, existing personal marketing knowledge and skill can suffice with or without additional or further research. However, due to the new sales and marketing trends that sprout here and there, it is advisable to make a related research, to spend time asking experts, and to observe what big pet shops do.
       Moreover, it helps to browse through related websites; this way, the total skill and knowledge on pet shops will be broader. Actually, the overall procedure can be tedious and time-consuming, but the results will be better. And better results will mean great customer satisfaction, lasting goodwill, and high sales: the three components of a successful and effective business. 

       With these, we can go back to the question “Are pet shops worth the money?”--ARV

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

An Article: "The Secret of Successful Pet Stores"

       All of the pet stores these days have typically started from scratch, on the same level, but how come some succeed whilst some do not?

       The secret of successful pet stores centers on proper planning, organizing, and setting up. With these three components, a pet store owner must have determination, dedication, and eagerness to make the said store a success. Also, there must be genuine, and not forced, passion in all aspects. He or she should bear in mind that successful pet stores are not only solely measured by the huge amount of profits they rake in, but also on the after-sales service they commonly offer to their satisfied customers.

       Pet stores that garner big sales have steady flows of customers. These customers, by and large, are either one-time or repeat buyers. Every customer starts as a first timer and may or may not come back again. In this regard, there are several reasons for coming back, but the main one is due to satisfaction from that first sale or service. And, so as to have this customer satisfaction, pet stores should always make the customers their top priority, thus the fair pricing, the friendly atmosphere, the complete set of accessories, and the sincere manner of serving that these pet stores individually have. Once a certain customer feels welcome, that is a good sign, but it must not end there.

       All in all, pet stores must know the needs of their common buyers. They should be aware that these customers are usually busy; hence, they must have convenience within the premises. Each pet store must have that distinct touch that will make every buying experience a satisfying or fulfilling one. It should also carry accessories that pets need. Therefore, pet owners do not have to search far away just to gather their respective pets’ essentials. --ARV

An Article : "How to Promote Your Pet Shop for Maximum Response"

       As a pet shop owner or manager, you may often find yourself in a dilemma on how to bring more customers into your store, as well as how to maintain the loyal ones. Both of these scenarios involve the customers who are the lifeblood of your pet shop, as in any other business or company. Hence, your main focus in plans for promoting your pet shop must be centered on thorough customer satisfaction because satisfied customers means happy patrons who may not come back again, but may spread to other people their respective good experiences at your outlet. 

       With these customers in mind, you should assess, or reassess, the overall present set-up of both the exteriors and the interiors of your pet shop. Even if you have already done this many times already, you should go outside of your store now. Take a long good look at its signage from afar. Is it that attractive and enticing to those who do not happen to be nearby? Do the logo and the words appear clear enough even to those who do not really focus their attention on these? Does the whole signage have a “welcome” feel?

       After taking down some notes, go back inside your pet shop. Look carefully around you. Is the area cluttered and non-inviting? If so, do not blame the limited floor area because no matter how small it is, you can find amazing ways in utilizing space. Perhaps you need to get new space-saving organizers, closets, or racks. Or you can rearrange the stocks. Speaking of stocks, do an inventory of your pet shop’s products. Aside from the pet animals, your pets shop should ideally offer things, items, or accessories that pet owners will need, even not at present. Then, it is time to face each person, who walks in your pet shop, with a big and sincere smile followed with all-out service. --ARV

An Article: "Have a Dog Shop You Can Be Proud Of"

        Being an entrepreneur, most particularly a dog shop owner, is not really easy all throughout, even if you have been one practically most of your life, having been born to a family of entrepreneurs. Fortunately, the difficulty need not be lasting because if you have a dog shop you can be proud of no matter what, the road will be continuously smooth. If you have been experiencing hardship at managing that dog shop of yours, it is time to put a stop to most, if not all, difficulties by analyzing or reassessing the whole structure of the business, conducting an inventory of everything in the dog shop, brainstorming with the staff, and researching on dog shop matters.

       Truly, you should go back to the basics. Look intently at the set-up of your store. It must have a homey atmosphere, one that instantly welcomes every customer. Talking about customer, about how many people actually buy? Or, rephrasing this question, how many prospects come inside your store? To increase traffic, your dog shop should be inviting to all would-be and existing dog owners. More so, it must be customer-friendly; meaning, it carries all stuff that dogs need. And to know exactly what things your shop offers, perform an inventory in case you have not personally done so recently. Concurrently, you should also make personal researches on the current trends, then impart these to your staff in one of your regular meetings. Or you can organize a seminar wherein there is an open forum.

       If you want to have a complete line of products in a hassle-free manner, you can offer related products alongside the dogs that your shop sells. This way, each customer will not waste time in searching for dog essentials in other stores since your store already has these. By then, your dog shop will constantly live up to its literal name.--ARV

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