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Monday, April 30, 2012

Ice Cream Bars I Had Today

           I bought these ice cream bars from the nearby sari-sari store. Their respective prices are the same as most grocery stores'. -- ARV

A Hearty Lunch

          I bought a big clam (amongst the other clams there, this is just a medium-sized one) in the nearby market that cost 3 RMB (20.10 PHP). Then I chopped it into small pieces, and cooked it with soy sauce, vetsin, and garlic.  What a hearty lunch I had, rice topped with clam bits. -- ARV

Snack Time

           No, I am not promoting products here. :) I am just showing what I recently had for snacks. Besides various sandwiches, corn-on-the-cob, camote, and cookies, I love eating junkfood and then gulping up softdrinks. -- ARV

Movie Marathon in My Laptop

           One good way of making the hours go by so quickly is to watch movies. I do movie marathon from midnight to the wee hours of the morning on weekends and holidays. Then I wake up really late the next day. --ARV

Pizza Hut at Xienjiekou

            I ate 4 big slices of pizza not just because I have missed Pizza Hut so much, but also because the pizza we ordered was very delicious.

           There are other food items in the menu that we wanted to try out but we were already stuffed with the yummy pizza. -- ARV

Xienjiekou: Downtown (and the Center of) Nanjing

           Taking the No. 37 bus, I went to downtown Xienjiekou (less than 30 minutes away from my apartment), which is also the center of Nanjing, with two friends. We enjoyed going around the beautiful and busy area after eating at Pizza Hut. -- ARV

Favorite Food Items I Miss the Most

crispy pata

pork sinigang
          I have always loved eating, and I am not quite choosy on what food to eat. However, being far away from home makes me long for several yummy Filipino food items. When I go home in the next couple of months, I will spend time eating with my beloved family. --ARV
grilled tilapia

halo halo

saging and ginamos


assorted kakanin

Saturday, April 28, 2012

A Heartfelt Apology to the Commenters Whose Messages I Missed

          I am so sorry that I saw your respective comments/messages only now, in a folder (Comments Awaiting Moderation) here in my blog. I have been very busy during those months; I saw some comments/messages those times which I was able to answer then, but unfortunately I missed some, including yours.

           Kindly tell me if it is not yet too late for me to answer your questions about the short story. -- ARV

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Single Mother Far Away

          As I am writing this, I feel extreme longing to be back home in the Philippines with my family and friends. But the thought of my financial difficulties there keeps me hanging on here.

          It sure is difficult to be a single mother. At first, two years and four months ago to be exact, I completely blamed my ex-husband to be the sole reason for my and our kids' hardship (not just financially but also emotionally, mentally, and psychologically). However, when those months passed by, I slowly realized that I also had my major share of faults that formed the main cause why my better half gave up and left us --ARV

Monday, April 23, 2012

Already One Month Here in Nanjing

          In my one month stay here in Nanjing, I have learned a lot, including
how to combat homesickness. Well, being homesick cannot really be
avoided especially that I live all alone in my apartment and I still
have no support group of fellow Filipinos -- I just try my best to
lessen the impact of this yearning and longing for home. Speaking of
home, I am already considering this wonderful place as my second home.
The people here are nice and the cost of living is low. Of course,
there is really no place like the original home, as the famous
quotation goes, but one can, whether easily or not, adapt to the new

          The pics below were taken in a very beautiful park in Nanjing:

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