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Thursday, August 25, 2011

An Article: All About Handbags

Nearly all females who are aware of the latest fashion trends know what specific kinds of outfits to wear. However, there is only a small percentage of such women who take note of the handbags that will best match their respective clothes and shoes, and this scenario is sad since having the perfect handbag which matches the total attire as well as the occasion will make the wearer look glamorous, fashionable, or chic. In this regard, below are the basic types of handbags that will match the different events:

Shoulder Bags

This type is each female's loyal companion for daily usage, and this is quite versatile because it typically matches any attire. Moreover, there is a broad assortment of styles, designs, and material composition, thus the varying look, be it sophisticated, rugged, casual, among others. Furthermore, this is a remarkable accessory because it leaves the two hands unoccupied.


With handles that are short, and easy to hold with a hand, this type of handbag is just great for bringing documents, folders, books, and the like. Luggage-inspired, this is one impressive alternative to a briefcase. Its straps can be worn across the body or over the shoulders.


The ultimate for casual clothes, the tote type is great for casual gatherings. Conventionally big enough to be considered as the most excellent shopping bag, this type has handles on the open top part. This handbag is usually composed of heavy nylon, canvas, jute, and various organic and synthetic materials. Wonderfully, its sturdiness makes it a must-have.

Hobo Bags

Aptly called so because of its similar shape to the real hobos' ‘sack-on-stick’ bundles, this handbag type is famous for its spacious inside and its casual trendy look outside. It is generally oversized, is composed of soft materials, and has long straps. Indeed, this is suitable for traveling light whether for one day only or for the weekend.

Clutch Bags

Lastly, this handbag type is ideal for formal events. It is created to be clutched, thus the term, or to be held close to the user's body. Although typically tiny, the clutch handbag can hold basic essentials like keys, some money, and makeup items. --ARV

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