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Friday, July 16, 2010

I received this message through email...


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Celina Jacobson

Thank you very much, Celina...  - ARV

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


Summer has ended. Classes have started. The rainy season is here. Before we know it, Christmas will be just around the corner.
Time really flies so fast. I could not quite remember anymore my life’s details on a yearly basis. Before I know it, I will be 60…      --ARV

Sunday, June 20, 2010

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Friday, May 21, 2010

3 Possible Ways to Get Your Husband Back From the Other Woman

One of your innermost fears had happened. Despite your efforts to make your marriage work, he still felt unsatisfied and left with you for another woman. He was your soul mate, your best friend, your everything, and now with him gone, it is difficult to start all over again by yourself.

These 3 quick steps will help you in your goal:
 1.    Do not bombard him with text messages or calls. Yes, he had left and you miss him terribly. Now what? Your initial reaction is that you want to contact him. For what? Right now, in this kind of situation, no amount of pleas in your texts or calls will make him come back, so better not do such. Just give him time and space, even if it hurts. Make him miss you. In due time, he will see the flaws of his lover and compare her to you.

2.    Focus on improving yourself. There must be a negative reason or two why he left. Reflect on it. Do you still dress up and carry yourself like when you were still dating? Do you still act the way you feel? Yes, you have always loved him, but have you been showing him and making him feel that love prior to leaving? Make a list of your negative aspects, as well as the positive. Change the negative ones, and improve on the negatives. Be strong.

3.    Think positive. Your husband fell in love with you, that was why he married you. Program your heart and mind that no other woman can compare to you. He is just infatuated with her. His love for you is still there, but overpowered by physical attraction towards her that will surely go away.  --ARV

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What Really is Love?

Many say that love is eternal, is sweet, kind, thoughtful, etc. It is this and that. It is not this, nor that. It should be this and/or that. Crazy as it may seem to many, still quite a handful say those three sweet words easily.  But do they really mean it, especially that many people do not really know about it?

Deep inside, does anybody know what love really is?

Most of the people claiming to know or have known love describe it superficially, only at the physical level. Only at the point they can decipher instantly. They do not delve deeper, right smack into the heart and soul, where love really should come from.

Nobody is quite an expert to clearly fathom this four-letter word. They just attach its supposed meaning to how they feel at the moment, most especially towards somebody of the opposite sex.

Even if there really is not any single person who can clearly and in detail or in black and white, say what love is, many people can pitch in and give insights. Like a crossword or jigsaw puzzle or connect-the-dots, these different opinions and facts from different people will eventually lead to a concrete conclusion as to what love really is.

Two heads are always better than one. And in connection to this, the most reliable ones are those who have strong attachment, care, and affection towards other persons, and are not expecting something in return. But even if most of them are actually expecting something in return, what they feel toward the concerned people is still love.

To sum up what they say, love always involves another being, and it really is:
• a strong feeling
• tender care
• physical and emotional attraction
• concern
• thoughtfulness
• an inspiration

On the other hand, this same love has different kinds and levels. It can be felt towards:
• people not blood-related
• children
• parents
• friends
• other relatives
• pets
Whatever the reason/s, whoever the involved people are, and wherever they may be, love is basically the same even though it has been evolving generation by generation.

So, what really is love? It is that wonderful feeling that many experience, and they just know that it is love. They simply just know it by instinct. And it is this the love that keeps them alive and kicking. --ARV

Monday, May 17, 2010

Life Begins at 40

I just turned forty, but honestly, I do not feel old. In fact, I think it is only the physical aspect that has been rapidly changing, but the mental one has not changed except in terms of maturity level. 

Twenty years ago, I thought that being 40 was scary, and already that old. Here I am, already 40 but there is nothing scary about it.
The years just whizzed so quickly that there were instances before that I would actually forget what my exact age was, and I would need to compute it by subtracting my birth year from the present year.
Now that I am in the so-called middle age, halfway through my life (I hope so), I just simply want to be happy.  --ARV

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mother's Day

Each one of us would not have been here if not for our respective mothers who conceived us and brought us into this world. Then they reared us and made sure that we had the best. They have always been hard-working even during off-hours, just to ensure that we would be well-taken-cared of.

Motherhood cannot be compared to any career or job because unlike the latter, it does not require
payment for its services, does not have a day-off, and the ‘duty’ is round-the-clock’. Indeed, with all its
 sacrifices, motherhood is a very noble state that is worthy of acknowledgments especially on the day reserved especially for it.

Mother’s Day is intended for everyone to celebrate and remember the many angles of motherhood. Mothers should be showered with love, respect, and kindness the whole year through, but it is during this day that we highlight such by giving them tangible things like flowers, chocolates, cakes, greeting cards, etc., and/or intangible ones like extra care, affection, and attention.

How did this special day come about? Its history dates back centuries ago in ancient Greece where they honored Rhea, the gods’ mother. Also, in the 1600’s, English Christians allotted a day to honor the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ’s mother. Then it later included all the mothers. Thus, a religious decree ordered the holiday, naming it as Mothering Sunday In modern times, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May       
Truly, all mothers need to be exalted to the highest level even for just a day. Gifts for her need not be store-bought; home-made ones are equally precious. But the most important things to give them on their distinct day are feelings, centered on love, that come straight from our hearts. No other gift, no matter how expensive, can surpass these. --ARV

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Awkward Run-in with an Ex

Right after breaking up with a partner, the innocent party’s world seems to be on a halt. This is especially so if quite a chunk of his/her life has been devoted to that relationship. Questions pertaining to what went wrong, what could he/she has done to end everything like this, and/or can this still be saved start seeping into the mind and senses.

The days following such a breakup seem blank and useless. Family and friends are there for comfort, but every period alone seems worse than death itself. Then, weird thoughts, including suicidal ones, creep.into the system. Good thing that there is still a sensible part which gives the much-needed strength and will to move on.

Though not easy, getting over a recent breakup is possible. The world is so beautiful to give up too soon. Well, just as when things start to get normal again, the aggrieved party accidentally bumps with the ex. Suddenly, it is realized that there are still affections stuck in limbo. Oh, no. The surroundings seem to fade; running away is too late because he/she is fast approaching!  What should be done in this case?

Firstly, a sincere smile and greeting are sufficient. There is no reason for snobbery. There were also happy times spent with him/her, anyway. Secondly, a little exchange of pleasantries is fine. But, of course, nonverbal signals  must be observed. If the ex looks unreceptive, then it is time to exit. Lastly, a friendly goodbye is enough to wipe off any residue from the parting.

But if the ex is together with a new partner, that is another story. However, just the same, the most important thing to do is to smile, greet, and say goodbye sincerely. There should be no more expecting for sparks. That breakup should have been sufficient to end that chapter in life. --ARV

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why Cannot Real-life Love Stories be Like Fairy Tales?

Most kids grow up with fairy tales as their favorite book topic. They are very fascinated with the featured princes, princesses, heroes, heroines, among other characters. In addition, they love happy endings wherein the two major characters end up marrying each other.

To many couples these days, that is what marriage really is: a fairy tale. The harsh realities of life in the real world make such so. Well, partly, marriage is comparable to that featured in a fairy tale, at least the wedding part. But unlike it, a real-life marriage does not always end up happily ever after. Of course, some unions actually end up happily ever after, but most do not. Many end up ever after, but not happily.

Many factors, usually personal, affect the stability of a married couple’s union. Then there are the internal and external reasons. Often, both spouses do their individual responsibilities and duties, but uncontrollable forces mar their partnership. And, if they are not strong enough, their marriage collapses.

So, why cannot real-life love stories be like fairy tales? The reason is actually simple yet unfathomable. Simple because reality is far different from fiction, which fairy tales are made of. Unfathomable because that is what the essence of life is all about.

When two people of different personalities, backgrounds, and upbringing enter into marriage, they are somewhat taking a plunge into the unknown, with love as their main shield for any dragon or monster that may attack. Some couples are successful in beating any obstacle in their journey, while some are not. The former end up being together for the rest of their lives while the latter do not.

No two sets of couples are exactly alike. And, it is not proper to judge their respective marriages. Actually, it is not proper to judge anything. But, even if this is so, the question above continues to be asked, with such couples in mind.  -- ARV

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Short Story Analysis: A Haunted House

I. A Haunted House
by Virginia Woolf


         Two ghosts, a male and a female, a couple, go around their former house searching for some buried treasure. In the end, they realize that the real treasure is actually "the light in the heart," the love of a certain partner for the other partner.



          There are only two characters in this short story (although there is mention about the living couple who currently occupies the house), the male and the female ghosts, both protagonists, both flat and static.


a) Introduction

          This short story takes place in a house where two ghosts, a couple, used to live.

b) Rising Action

           The couple-ghosts think that the present living occupants of their former house have already found the buried treasure that they are looking for.

c) Climax

           The ghosts are still searching for their treasure and they are wondering whether it is in the garden.

d) Falling action

           Realizing that the treasure was not found by the house’s present occupants, the ghosts are relieved that it is safe, and such treasure is really theirs.

e) Denouement

           Finally, the ghosts know that the treasure is really safe, and theirs, and such treasure is not tangible things, but intangible, found in the light in the heart.


a) place – in a house formerly owned by a ghost couple

b) time- a long time ago

c) weather conditions- fine

d) social conditions- the ghosts led a comfortable life when they were still alive

e) mood or atmosphere- light


         The Point of View used in this short story is the Omniscient Limited - The author tells the story in third person (using pronouns they, she, he, it, etc). We know only what the character knows and what the author allows him/her to tell us. We can see the thoughts and feelings of characters if the author chooses to reveal them to us.


         In my opinion, the literary devices used in this story are Symbolism and Irony. The treasure mentioned by the ghosts here is not tangible, it is just a symbol. Irony because the title sounds scary, but the actual story is not.


         For me, the theme Things are not always as they appear to be is applicable to this story.


         The conflict here is Internal, that of Man (or ghost, to that matter)vs. Himself, as each of the ghosts here is frantically searching for the said treasure around their former house, afraid that the new occupants have found it. --ARV

Saturday, April 24, 2010


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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Short Story Analysis: A Telephone Call by Dorothy Parker

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I. A Telephone Call
By Dorothy Parker
         An infatuated, obsessed woman is eagerly waiting for her boyfriend to call her up at 5:00. Now it is 7:10 but he has not called up yet. She thinks that this is God’s way of punishing her for being bad. She promises to be good and sweet to her boyfriend if he calls up now. She keeps on calling God’s attention, frantically waiting for her boyfriend to call up. She thinks that perhaps he is on his way to her place, and this is the reason for his not calling up yet. On one hand, she thinks of calling him up, but hesitates. She counts anxiously while waiting for that telephone call.


         There is only one main character in this short story, and is flat and static, the persona of this short story, the “I.” The minor character, though not formally having a direct role here, is the “he,” also flat and static.

    B. PLOT
            a) Introduction
                The characters, the persona “I” and the minor character “he,”  are introduced.
     b) Rising Action
    The complication of the short story starts when a woman, the persona, recalls that her boyfriend told her he would call her up at 5:00, but still has not, at 7:10.
      c)  Climax
         The climax is when frantic thoughts run across the persona’s mind, just because of her boyfriend’s not calling her up at the promised time.
      d) Falling action
          The events and complications start to resolve when she decides not to call him up.
       e) Denouement
          The final outcome happens at the end of this short story when she decides to wait further, by doing her counting again.
           C. SETTING
       a)  place – in the living room

b)  time- late afternoon towards early evening

c)  weather conditions-  fine

d)  social conditions- middle-class

     e)  mood or atmosphere-  the female persona is very anxious; frantic, waiting for his call


         The Point of View used in this short story is the First Person - The story is told  by the protagonist or one of the characters who interacts closely with the protagonist or other characters (using pronouns I, me, we, etc).  The reader sees the story through this person's eyes as he/she experiences it and only knows what he/she knows or feels, focusing on the thoughts and agitations of the crazed woman. This short story is a monologue.
          In my opinion, the literary devices used in this story are first and foremost Irony; the title is A Telephone Call, but there is no telephone call in this short story, and then Symbols; the telephone unit itself symbolizes something deeper, it is the center of the persona’s crazed antics and thoughts.
         F. THEME
          For me, the theme Being in love with someone brings not only happiness but also pain is appropriate for this short story.
        G. CONFLICT
          The conflict here is Internal, that of Person vs. Himself, as the persona is a crazed, obsessed, anxious woman who waits for a telephone call from her boyfriend, and in the process of doing so, comes in psychological conflict with herself. --ARV

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