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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Why Cannot Real-life Love Stories be Like Fairy Tales?

Most kids grow up with fairy tales as their favorite book topic. They are very fascinated with the featured princes, princesses, heroes, heroines, among other characters. In addition, they love happy endings wherein the two major characters end up marrying each other.

To many couples these days, that is what marriage really is: a fairy tale. The harsh realities of life in the real world make such so. Well, partly, marriage is comparable to that featured in a fairy tale, at least the wedding part. But unlike it, a real-life marriage does not always end up happily ever after. Of course, some unions actually end up happily ever after, but most do not. Many end up ever after, but not happily.

Many factors, usually personal, affect the stability of a married couple’s union. Then there are the internal and external reasons. Often, both spouses do their individual responsibilities and duties, but uncontrollable forces mar their partnership. And, if they are not strong enough, their marriage collapses.

So, why cannot real-life love stories be like fairy tales? The reason is actually simple yet unfathomable. Simple because reality is far different from fiction, which fairy tales are made of. Unfathomable because that is what the essence of life is all about.

When two people of different personalities, backgrounds, and upbringing enter into marriage, they are somewhat taking a plunge into the unknown, with love as their main shield for any dragon or monster that may attack. Some couples are successful in beating any obstacle in their journey, while some are not. The former end up being together for the rest of their lives while the latter do not.

No two sets of couples are exactly alike. And, it is not proper to judge their respective marriages. Actually, it is not proper to judge anything. But, even if this is so, the question above continues to be asked, with such couples in mind.  -- ARV

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