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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Awkward Run-in with an Ex

Right after breaking up with a partner, the innocent party’s world seems to be on a halt. This is especially so if quite a chunk of his/her life has been devoted to that relationship. Questions pertaining to what went wrong, what could he/she has done to end everything like this, and/or can this still be saved start seeping into the mind and senses.

The days following such a breakup seem blank and useless. Family and friends are there for comfort, but every period alone seems worse than death itself. Then, weird thoughts, including suicidal ones, creep.into the system. Good thing that there is still a sensible part which gives the much-needed strength and will to move on.

Though not easy, getting over a recent breakup is possible. The world is so beautiful to give up too soon. Well, just as when things start to get normal again, the aggrieved party accidentally bumps with the ex. Suddenly, it is realized that there are still affections stuck in limbo. Oh, no. The surroundings seem to fade; running away is too late because he/she is fast approaching!  What should be done in this case?

Firstly, a sincere smile and greeting are sufficient. There is no reason for snobbery. There were also happy times spent with him/her, anyway. Secondly, a little exchange of pleasantries is fine. But, of course, nonverbal signals  must be observed. If the ex looks unreceptive, then it is time to exit. Lastly, a friendly goodbye is enough to wipe off any residue from the parting.

But if the ex is together with a new partner, that is another story. However, just the same, the most important thing to do is to smile, greet, and say goodbye sincerely. There should be no more expecting for sparks. That breakup should have been sufficient to end that chapter in life. --ARV

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