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Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mother's Day

Each one of us would not have been here if not for our respective mothers who conceived us and brought us into this world. Then they reared us and made sure that we had the best. They have always been hard-working even during off-hours, just to ensure that we would be well-taken-cared of.

Motherhood cannot be compared to any career or job because unlike the latter, it does not require
payment for its services, does not have a day-off, and the ‘duty’ is round-the-clock’. Indeed, with all its
 sacrifices, motherhood is a very noble state that is worthy of acknowledgments especially on the day reserved especially for it.

Mother’s Day is intended for everyone to celebrate and remember the many angles of motherhood. Mothers should be showered with love, respect, and kindness the whole year through, but it is during this day that we highlight such by giving them tangible things like flowers, chocolates, cakes, greeting cards, etc., and/or intangible ones like extra care, affection, and attention.

How did this special day come about? Its history dates back centuries ago in ancient Greece where they honored Rhea, the gods’ mother. Also, in the 1600’s, English Christians allotted a day to honor the Virgin Mary, Jesus Christ’s mother. Then it later included all the mothers. Thus, a religious decree ordered the holiday, naming it as Mothering Sunday In modern times, it is celebrated on the second Sunday of May       
Truly, all mothers need to be exalted to the highest level even for just a day. Gifts for her need not be store-bought; home-made ones are equally precious. But the most important things to give them on their distinct day are feelings, centered on love, that come straight from our hearts. No other gift, no matter how expensive, can surpass these. --ARV

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