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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What Really is Love?

Many say that love is eternal, is sweet, kind, thoughtful, etc. It is this and that. It is not this, nor that. It should be this and/or that. Crazy as it may seem to many, still quite a handful say those three sweet words easily.  But do they really mean it, especially that many people do not really know about it?

Deep inside, does anybody know what love really is?

Most of the people claiming to know or have known love describe it superficially, only at the physical level. Only at the point they can decipher instantly. They do not delve deeper, right smack into the heart and soul, where love really should come from.

Nobody is quite an expert to clearly fathom this four-letter word. They just attach its supposed meaning to how they feel at the moment, most especially towards somebody of the opposite sex.

Even if there really is not any single person who can clearly and in detail or in black and white, say what love is, many people can pitch in and give insights. Like a crossword or jigsaw puzzle or connect-the-dots, these different opinions and facts from different people will eventually lead to a concrete conclusion as to what love really is.

Two heads are always better than one. And in connection to this, the most reliable ones are those who have strong attachment, care, and affection towards other persons, and are not expecting something in return. But even if most of them are actually expecting something in return, what they feel toward the concerned people is still love.

To sum up what they say, love always involves another being, and it really is:
• a strong feeling
• tender care
• physical and emotional attraction
• concern
• thoughtfulness
• an inspiration

On the other hand, this same love has different kinds and levels. It can be felt towards:
• people not blood-related
• children
• parents
• friends
• other relatives
• pets
Whatever the reason/s, whoever the involved people are, and wherever they may be, love is basically the same even though it has been evolving generation by generation.

So, what really is love? It is that wonderful feeling that many experience, and they just know that it is love. They simply just know it by instinct. And it is this the love that keeps them alive and kicking. --ARV

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