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Thursday, June 23, 2011

An Article: "Are Pet Shops Worth the Money?"

       “Are pet shops worth the money?”

       Somebody who plans on putting up a pet shop as a business should first ask the above question. The answer to this can either be a yes or a no because everything depends on such person’s allocated budget for it, willingness to learn the trade’s inside-outs, creativity to make his or her own pet shop stand amongst the other pet shops, dedication to the business, and determination to succeed. Plus, it helps a lot if there is an innate personal fondness and love for pet animals apart from dogs since the whole set-up has these domesticated animals as its focal point. In the event that there is none yet, it is never too late to start liking pets straight from the heart. Of course, this scenario is not really necessary for the pet shop business to work, but having a personal touch can make things easier, much easier actually.

       Anyway, to make the question have a definite “yes” answer, all of the aforementioned required factors revolving around the worthiness of pet shops must come side by side with an effective feasibility study and a realistic marketing plan. If the budget further allows, the services of a marketing professional can be sought. Otherwise, existing personal marketing knowledge and skill can suffice with or without additional or further research. However, due to the new sales and marketing trends that sprout here and there, it is advisable to make a related research, to spend time asking experts, and to observe what big pet shops do.
       Moreover, it helps to browse through related websites; this way, the total skill and knowledge on pet shops will be broader. Actually, the overall procedure can be tedious and time-consuming, but the results will be better. And better results will mean great customer satisfaction, lasting goodwill, and high sales: the three components of a successful and effective business. 

       With these, we can go back to the question “Are pet shops worth the money?”--ARV

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