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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

An Article : "How to Promote Your Pet Shop for Maximum Response"

       As a pet shop owner or manager, you may often find yourself in a dilemma on how to bring more customers into your store, as well as how to maintain the loyal ones. Both of these scenarios involve the customers who are the lifeblood of your pet shop, as in any other business or company. Hence, your main focus in plans for promoting your pet shop must be centered on thorough customer satisfaction because satisfied customers means happy patrons who may not come back again, but may spread to other people their respective good experiences at your outlet. 

       With these customers in mind, you should assess, or reassess, the overall present set-up of both the exteriors and the interiors of your pet shop. Even if you have already done this many times already, you should go outside of your store now. Take a long good look at its signage from afar. Is it that attractive and enticing to those who do not happen to be nearby? Do the logo and the words appear clear enough even to those who do not really focus their attention on these? Does the whole signage have a “welcome” feel?

       After taking down some notes, go back inside your pet shop. Look carefully around you. Is the area cluttered and non-inviting? If so, do not blame the limited floor area because no matter how small it is, you can find amazing ways in utilizing space. Perhaps you need to get new space-saving organizers, closets, or racks. Or you can rearrange the stocks. Speaking of stocks, do an inventory of your pet shop’s products. Aside from the pet animals, your pets shop should ideally offer things, items, or accessories that pet owners will need, even not at present. Then, it is time to face each person, who walks in your pet shop, with a big and sincere smile followed with all-out service. --ARV

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