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Friday, April 16, 2010

Cheating Husbands?

Signs of a Cheating Husband
By Annabelle R. Villanueva

Calling the attention of all married women out there. Have you ever wondered or are wondering if your respective husbands, your supposed soulmates, are cheating on you? Though there is no black-and-white list of signs to look out for, this article will somehow help you know what you have been wondering about. Read on…

Marriage is a choice. A very painful choice, because, part and parcel of married life is the “fear” of being cheated on by the partner. “Fear” because most often than not, it is this nerve-wracking and crippling negative sensation that drives the other partner nuts, and mostly, in general, it is the women who experience such. Ever since we could all remember, women have always thought that men are polygamous, and many of these women have been on the “lookout” for telltale signs. Actually, one doesn’t have to be a real expert to see the signs of a cheating husband.

By the way, why do husbands cheat? Well, according to Chelsea Kaplan in “8 Reasons He Cheats: Guys reveal why they became unfaithful”, his reasons for infidelity are emotions-based. And, according to Infidelity Expert Ruth Houston , the husband’s levels of such an infidelity are : “premeditated, willful, and intentional.” But, just like in all other experiences, in all age levels, in all walks of life, there are no steadfast rules and tailor-fit signs that a husband is cheating. It is definitely a case-to-case basis, because, after all, each human being is unique (thus, no two persons have exactly the same thumbprint).

Women are not born detectives, but, boy, they surely have this great talent-cum-gift of spotting the so-called telltale signs that their respective husbands are cheating on them. In this connection, most of such women would agree that the following are indeed such common signs, (and having two to three of these would clearly indicate cheating):
• More time spent on grooming themselves- these husbands act like teenagers again, spending so much time looking and “analyzing” at themselves at the mirror, combing and re-combing, styling and re-styling their hair
• Early to go to the office, late to come home- Gone are the lazy-to-get-up-for-work days and/or hurry-to-go-home-for-bonding-with-family nights
• More frequent “secret” texting- They suddenly have this interest on text messaging, always looking at their cellular phones-- in private, at that
• Loss of interest on their wives- all of a sudden, or slowly over a period of time, they do not even look at their wives anymore
• Less, or worse, no more intimate moments
• Sudden/ more frequent out-of-town meetings- for those whose jobs are office-based, questionable meetings to be conducted outside the vicinity suddenly prop up, and for those whose jobs entail out-of-base meetings, the frequency increases
• No more time for the children- the doting, caring fathers have become almost-strangers to their kids

As mentioned earlier, there are no fixed signs to be on the lookout for, or for a wife to conclude that her husband is cheating on her. In this fast-paced world, thankfully, there are still husbands who are ever-loyal to their wives for general and/or private reasons. The above-mentioned signs are generalized and each may mean other things than cheating. Two or three signs plus the wife’s “strong sense” that is sometimes called “women’s intuition”, will lead to the uncovering of a husband’s philandering.

To avoid nasty thoughts of the slightest suspicion that your husband is cheating on you, dear wifey, be the best partner ever, maintain being the sweetie new bride you were on the day you got married. Search the net for tips or even tricks, and “how to’s” and ask friends and acquaintances married for a long time for firsthand advices.

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