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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Oliver Goldsmith’s “On the Education of Youth”

Oliver Goldsmith lived in the 1700’s, a very long time ago, but his views regarding education are still applicable today, in the 2000’s. During those times, as the writer noted in this essay, the students in public schools were better than those in private schools (more popularly called boarding schools then) because children of poor families would tend to be exposed to the hardships of life; hence, they were used to walking miles and miles just to go to school every single day.

The teachers then were underpaid and were on a shortage. Those in the boarding schools, on the other hand, had assistants but often, they would pass on the bulk of their teaching to such assistants who were often the laughing stock of the students and even teachers. Butchers and barbers became teachers when they put up boarding schools, being the last resort in livelihood, and having a fortune in teaching and owning a school.

Today, our public school teachers face the same predicament
... -ARVillanueva

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