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Saturday, April 17, 2010

Michel de Montaigne’s “Of Measuring Truth and Error"

“No man is an island.” This is true because by nature, man cannot really stand alone. Hence, to make decisions and judgments based on one’s own frame of mind is weak compared with those made by two or more minds. Even the most experienced man still makes mistakes, and he needs the opinion/s of others, even the so-called ignorant, which Montaigne makes mention in this essay as one of the two “traits” of man, the other is that of being clear-sighted.

Many years back, I was wondering why the jury is
composed of so many people. I thought that one or
two would be enough to decide whether someone is
guilty of the charge/s or not. Now I fully understand
that a meeting of minds will come up to a better
decision, if not the best decision, from so many
people, not just one or two. Indeed, “two heads are
better than one,” and even better, “more heads are
the best.” - Ann R. Villanueva

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