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Sunday, April 18, 2010

A Loving Dog: A Human Being's Best Friend

Among us living things, most particularly among
humans and animals also, relationships abound.
Relationships may not be of the sexual type, or of the
platonic type, but also of the “simple friendship” type.
They are usually human to another human, but may
also be human to animal (a pet). How to establish a
meaningful relationship between you and a pet dog
depends entirely on you because you are more
superior than it, in fact, you belong to the most
superior “living being” category. A pet dog is a human
being's best friend, so they say, but I believe that such
depends entirely on how you treat them and deal
with them on a daily basis.

1. First, you must seek its loyalty
not only by feeding it
delicious food, but also by talking to it, and by showing
love, kindness, care, trust, affection, and the like,
towards it. Of course, dogs can’t talk so there’s no
clear way to know if your seeking its loyalty is
effective, but there are nonverbal signals; a happy,
loyal dog wags its tails and barks “lovingly”
whenever you’re around. Or “snuggles” at you and
rubs its back on your legs.

2. Second, show it the wonders, big and small, of the
by taking it out for walks in the park. Pets need
exercise and fresh air, just like us human beings.
Also, they won’t feel “cramped” and restless at home
if these walks are done often. Bonding time with you
is extended during these walks.

3. Take good care of it like it is a part of your family.
Many dog
owners treat their pets like human beings, especially if they don’t
have children of their own. This should be the way, because if
showered with love and care, the tendency is that your dog will
return those favors to you. They have feelings, too.

4. Make it “socialize” with other dogs.
A well-treated pet
is one that is lovable, friendly, loyal, and obedient. If dogs
can really communicate with each other as many of us believe,
one dog may tell another dog, “Tell me who your human master is,
and I’ll tell you who you are.” It’s you, as a human being, that
makes a dog’s life meaningful. --ARV

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