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Saturday, April 17, 2010

J. Robert Oppenheimer’s “ Prospects in the Arts and Sciences”

The field arts and the field sciences are actually two different areas but when together, they complement each other. An artist can also be a scientist and vice versa.

According to J Robert Oppenheimer , a professor of physics in the early 1900’s and mid 1900’s, the words “prospects in the arts and sciences” mean two quite different things for him. One is prophecy, and the other is view, a traveler’s view, and the vast view.

Prophecy is looking forward to the future. What will our world be like in terms of arts and sciences? Will robots be aplenty, serving men at the push of a button? Such things are not impossible, considering the great inventions that science have, and we have the arts to add to their glory by looking at their artistic benefits.

The view is our present, with reference to the past. Inventions at present can be connected to the past, past ideas and plans formulated by scientists and also artists alike. --ARV

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