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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A Former Hobby: Collecting Stamps

Collecting stamps is called philately . In my teen years, way, way back, I was so engrossed with this. But as the years went by, I completely forgot about this particular hobby, and my collection composed of three stamp albums got lost when we transferred from CDO to San Fernando, Pampanga, then to Metro Manila, then to Surigao City, then back to CDO, within the span of 19 years. Just recently, I happened to find one remaining stamp album among my heaps of papers and files. Though worn out by age and by non-maintenance, some of the stamps are still there (photos posted here).

Photos no.1 (above), 2 (below), and 3 (below) show my oldest Philippine stamps (pre-war, early 1940's).  Kindly take note of the details. --ARV

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