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Monday, April 11, 2011

A Personal Essay: How Can a Marriage Be Saved?

         Actually, there are usually no fixed guidelines on how a marriage can be saved because one couple differs from the next. Of course, there are rules that can be followed, but not all of these are applicable for a certain married pair. In this regard, the general steps, approaches, or methods to be followed in order to fix the problems or conflicts within a particular union are typically only secondary to every involved couple’s determination, patience, willingness, commitment, and sturdiness in saving the matrimony. Immediately following these characteristics should be the feelings of love, care, trust, respect, and affection of the spouses toward each other.

         These stressful and fast-paced times frequently leave no room for married couples to nurture their partnership. And, like a plant that is not cared for, the feelings within affected unions start to die. If nothing is done in this common scenario, each concerned marriage end up literally dead. Then, separation or even divorce is highly possible. Fortunately, with the immense help of marriage counseling plus the above-mentioned characteristics, the perished feelings can be brought back to life. However, it is unfortunate that not all deteriorated matrimonies can be rescued. Hence, before the feelings are totally gone, an affected couple must do something so as to save the union. Otherwise, this marriage is really doomed…And that was what happened to mine :(  -- ARV

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