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Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Personal Essay: What Happens After Death?

Seen in a higher perspective, life itself is a great mystery. Being alive connotes many unanswered questions. Actually, from the time of conception, this mystery already begins. Many people just do not focus on it because the daily pace of living is quite fast.

Everyone is here on earth only temporarily since death comes anytime. Nobody is spared from death.  Even the most powerful, the strongest, and the richest, will eventually die. It is in fact true that we are all equal because we all have some common factors and amongst them is dying.

Children included, practically everybody is aware that when somebody dies, that is it, end of life. But what really is death? The common perception is actually correct, because death is simply the conclusion of life’s functions, and such happens to all living things. Thus, when a particular living creature’s body cannot normally operate any longer, the internal organs give up. Every part inside the body interacts with each other; therefore, if one surrenders, the rest usually follows, unless a remedy is applied to the malfunctioning part. 

Now, what happens after death? This is truly a deep question that requires deeper answers. There are many explanations and personal experiences that point to the notion that there is life after death. For numerous individuals, it is still a notion because no living person knows exactly. They believe that near-death-experiences are merely hallucinations that result from the involved persons’ brains’ reactions to what they have always believed in. It is just like any cause-and-effect situation.

In reality, death is something no mortal can ever fathom. How much more what happens after? Human intelligence has certain limitations; the questions regarding death are still asked up to now. Though it is part of life, many think that death must not be dwelled on too much, because there are more important matters that need attention. -- ARV

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  1. Ann Villanueva ; Great article which helps every spiritual person. Personally believe in present and live every movement joyful. Thanks for sharing amazing information.


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