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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Movie (DVD) I Just Watched: “Firehouse Dog”


A Hollywood dog-star named Rexxx is separated from his master when the plane he was riding crashed. He (Rexxx) is deemed as dead, but actually he is wandering around the streets until he is found by a boy named Shane (Josh Hutcherson), the only child of a fireman named Connor (Bruce Greenwood) who is a single parent and whose brother, the ex-captain of the fire department, died in a fire accident.

Because of Rexxx, Shane becomes a better son to his dad. By the way, Shane has named Rexxx Dewey. Slowly, the lovable dog becomes the mascot of that local fire department, saving lives and making the entire department happy and alert. But, during a major event, Dewey’s real owner shows up and gets the dog back, leaving Shane very lonely.

Whilst in the hotel with his real owner, Rexxx/Dewey hears a fire truck from afar. He jumps from the window to where the siren’s sound is coming from. Later, he is reunited with Shane, but not happily because they both become trapped in the fire (inside the fire station) set by the mastermind of the fire wherein Shane’s uncle died. The whole team is someplace else because of another intentional fire to cover up the arson, for some big people’s selfish intentions regarding real estate.

Due to Dewey’s heroic deed in that fire where he and Shane almost perished, he and the fire department get medals. The ending is a happy one because Dewey’s owner decides that Shane be the new owner. --ARV

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