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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

One of my Fave Movies: "Fireproof"

This is one of my favorite movies:

Although this was released in 2008, I watched it only recently through DVD. I was so touched by the husband’s and the wife’s rediscovering of their love for each other.

At the start of the movie, Caleb Holt, portrayed by Kirk Cameron, a firefighter, is shown as being distant from his wife Catherine, portrayed by Erin Bethea, because of his being selfish, moody, and cold. More so, he is addicted to online pornography. Catherine thinks that he is more interested in surfing such in the internet, as much as he is bent on saving up thousands of dollars for his dream boat, than making their marriage work. They always fight even over trivial matters. In this regard, they are eyeing divorce.

One day, Caleb’s dad gives him (through mail) a 40-day self-test personally called “The Love Dare” wherein being a Christian really matters, and which has been proven and tested by his dad himself, thus his parents’ steady married life. During the first few days, Caleb has difficulty in implementing this test, to the point of almost giving up. Catherine thinks he is not sincere, hence her coldness towards his attempts in saving their marriage. She becomes closer with Dr. Keller, a co-worker of hers.

Slowly, Catherine sees her husband’s transformation and she believes in his sincerity, most especially after she learns that it was he who donated $24,000, the money he has been saving up for his boat, for her mother’s much-needed medical equipment. At first, she has thought that it was Dr. Keller who donated the entire amount of $24,300; she almost gives in to her "feelings" for him. However, later, she finds out that the doctor gave only $300.

Indeed, this movie is heart-warming and touching. The happy ending shows Caleb and Catherine marrying again. This time, they are a renewed couple; a pair of devoted Christians. --ARV

Below is the trailer (

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