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Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Simple Analysis of "Flower Shop (by Arturo Rotor)"

By Arturo Rotor

         This short story is narrated by a persona who writes for a magazine. One morning, he/she goes to the local flower shop owned by Letty and her father, to cover some incidents that are worthy as news features. While the persona is in such flower shop, he/she encounters different customers who have various selections on their choices of flowers, though most of them order for a certain Margarita Martinez who is celebrating her birthday that day.


         Though the aforementioned short story’s writer used words which are easy to comprehend, I had to read it three times to be able to fully understand the entire story and to look for symbols.. In my opinion, this is indeed a story that has an element of Symbolism overpowering the other elements, since the Setting is simply that flower shop, the Plot and the Theme are plain, and the Characters do not have quite significant roles.

         The different varieties of  flowers depicted here symbolize the different personalities (souls) of people. It is stated in the 7th paragraph of page 255 that “flowers speak language of soul.” For me, such flowers, which are truly different in color, size, appearance, are similar to people’s innate personalities or souls.

         In this story, the last customer is a man who orders cheap flowers, worth ten centavos, in an expensive box, worth ten pesos, because, according to him: “People will see the expensive box. They will say, why, it must contain something very expensive inside, too. The expensive covering fools them, don’t you see?” --ARV

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