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Thursday, March 31, 2011

A Personal Essay: It Pays to Do Your Best in Everything

        Every single thing you do at any given time should be done with all your might so as to get the best results. Whether it is a task pertaining to your studies, goals in life, job, household duties, or personal responsibilities, it is most ideal that you really do your best in doing such task’s steps even if the starting step can be difficult.  As the famous saying goes, “No pain, no gain.” Oftentimes it is just in the beginning that difficulty is present. Eventually, the procedure will be smooth and you will get accustomed to its entirety.
          On the other hand, though the overall procedure in a certain task is very easy that you may not regard the outcome as worthy of attention, this finished task must still be in your list of accomplishments. In general, both difficult and easy tasks must form part of your life, since these actually put “spice” in living. Literally, if there is no spice in cooking, food will lack taste. In this connection, a life without “spice” seems empty. Anyway, in order to have a lighter load for all of your hard tasks, you can follow the following five tips so that you will not have much difficulty in accomplishing each task:
          First, a particular task’s set-up should be planned carefully. For instance, if it is your goal to graduate within the next two years or so, you must have a concrete breakdown of what subjects to take every semester, and summer, if applicable. Then, you should have self-discipline to not do anything that will become a hindrance in this goal. Most importantly, you must put your heart into it, because a half-baked process typically does not do any good.
          Second, once the set-up has been pinpointed, you should be firm in undertaking each step under it. No matter what obstacle or temptation comes your way, this firmness will help you a lot in reaching your goal. If a friend invites you to an overnight party that will make you absent from classes the next day, you must have the courage to say no. Otherwise, there is a big chance of this wrongdoing pulling down your goal.     
          Third, always remember that a wrong move does not necessarily mean a bad result. In fact, sometimes there is a hidden “good” in a bad decision. However, as much as possible, you must ensure that this bad move does not happen again, because not all negativities have goodness in them.
          Fourth, be serious in undergoing any task even if it seems impossible to attain. Think of every step as a challenge, and the end-result as your prize. If the first man on the moon thought of his task as unreachable, he would not have done what he did. Similarly, getting that much-coveted diploma is not viable if you are not serious in this goal.
          Fifth and last, if you fail in the total procedure, do not despair. More so, do not give up. There is still a next time to do better.
          All in all, each mentioned tip can be maximized or used to the fullest if you try to do your best at all times. Even if you frequently end up failing in most tasks, it really does not matter if you see to it that you do everything with all your might. Likewise, always bear in mind that it pays if you do your best in everything that you do. Failures may not make you get some of your desired goals, but failing principally makes you a wiser, tougher, and better person.  --ARV

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