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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Some of the Effects of Typhoon Sendong

          These pics posted in Facebook caught my eye:
(Source: Naderev Saño)

"Based on the account of survivors, this 3-storey house in Calacala saved hundreds of lives, as survivors clung to it for dear life. But inside out, it was badly damaged and will never be again a home."

"About 250 homes in this 4.8 hectare area were reduced to nothing. 6 houses apparently remained standing after Sendong, but really, roofs do not make a home."


  1. they've received a lot of support from generous people. your info is inaccurate.

  2. Hi. Thanks for your comment. Yes, the affected people received a lot of support from generous people. I deleted that specific caption because it was misleading (I think that was made when the relief operations were not yet widespread).

    I made another post that shows some pics of Cagay-anons reaching out to those affected by Sendong:


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