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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Latest Update from Cagayan de Oro City Water District (Regarding the Water Shortage Due to Typhoon Sendong)


• Production Wells 8, 16, 1, and 9 in Macasandig have already been fed to the Booster Station. This indicates 91% recovery of the operations of our Macasandig Production facilities. Two more wells, PW #s 4 and 7 are undergoing disinfection and flushing and will undergo water quality testing before they will finally be fed to the Booster Station. 

• Production Well # 19 in Balulang is now being energized. Flushing and disinfection will follow. Production Well # 24 is undergoing rehabilitation.

• Rio Verde has officially informed COWD today that supply of treated bulk water to COWD will resume on January 05, 2012 @ 8 AM. This shall address the supply needs of the West Service Area.

Please be guided.



         ( This is good news. For almost 3 weeks now, many areas have been experiencing shortage of water.)


  1. Has there been any other solutions provided for countering water problems in CDO? I know that tap water is not potable for drinking. How do you think can this be managed?

    1. There are various solutions to such problems. For one, faucets have been installed in evacuation centers. Regarding the drinking water, tap water is purified or distilled. There are also water purification tablets.


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