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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A Big Decision: What to Take Up As A College Major

          Oftentimes, it is not easy deciding what to take up as a College Major. However, this decision-making situation can be less stressful if you practice time management and gather all the necessary facts before planning. Take a deep breath and be still. Analyze things well. Assess your likes or interests. While growing up, what have always or often been your most prominent skills, as well as your favorite pastime or hobby? From these aspects, you can then decide what major to take up in college.

          If you have been fond of animals, and have been constantly taking care of your pet dog or cat, you can consider becoming a veterinarian, thus taking up Veterinary Medicine. Meanwhile, if you have been the class and family clown, the type of person who can easily make people laugh, you can be an entertainer, hence considering Theater Arts and the like. Furthermore, if you have been frequently involved in helping out others in their respective plights, you may think of being a lawyer someday, therefore considering Law.

          Actually, once you have analyzed things thoroughly, the list of possible majors can go on and on. In this regard, it is then a lot easier to choose which major to take up. In case you still have difficulty deciding despite the aforementioned tips, you can always seek the help or opinion of your family and friends. The decision-making process may take some time, but once you know where to start, deciding what to take up as a College Major is not that complicated after all. -- ARV

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