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Sunday, April 22, 2012

I Love Eating

          The school provides my lunch during weekdays. But on weekends and for dinner, I either buy from nearby food stalls (and from KFC or
McDonald's occasionally) or cook. Since I also love cooking aside from eating, I prefer to do the latter. Thus, I go to the wet market near my apartment before going to my 2nd home every weekday, and in the morning in weekends, to buy fesh pork, shrimps, or clams, as well as vegetables and fruits. Speaking of clams, oh, my, their clams here are
so big! This is my first time to see such big clams, and I really thought at first that these cost so much (on the contrary, they don't; one very big clam costs around 4 RMB only, and one clam is sufficient
for a hearty meal).

           For breakfast, I usually have a peanut butter sandwich or a fruit like a banana or an apple. -- ARV

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