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Monday, April 25, 2011

On Being a Special Education Teacher: Taking Note of A Student's History



     NAME                           :     ***
     DATE OF BIRTH          :     ***
     AGE                               :     5 years and 3 months
     GENDER                        :     Male
     ADDRESS                      :     ***
     WORKING IMPRESSION:     ***  was diagnosed as having Autism 
     Spectrum Disorder and Severe Mental Retardation by Dr. *** on January 21, 2009
     NAME OF PARENTS     :    ***


              Mrs. *** gave birth to *** on October *, 2003, at the ***, under the care of Dr. *.  *** was born very healthy. He looked perfectly normal. He was very cute  (he looks mestizo like his two sisters and one brother). Over time, during his infancy, his grandmother noticed some differences which were then compared with his siblings when they were also his age. At four months of age, MRI was performed on him and the doctor’s assessment then was that he had cerebral palsy. At age one and a half, he had sessions with a Physical Therapist, and he learned walking by himself at age two.


               This is the first time *** entered school. Both of his parents are already abroad, with his three siblings. His father is working as a company supervisor there, and despite the considerable earnings, putting *** to a regular Sped school is not yet one of the priorities as of now. They spent a big amount of money relocating there and currently, they are “tightening” their budget. His aunt, who is the one who takes him to and from school, said that once such budget becomes okay, they will follow Dr ***’s recommendations for him to have daily Sped classes and  three times a week Occupational Therapy sessions.  --ARV

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