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Monday, April 25, 2011

On Being a Special Education Teacher: A Simple One-Quarter IEP on Gross Motor Skills for an Autistic Child with Mental Retardation and Developmental Delay

Goals / Objectives
Sample Activity/ lesson
Special Provisions/ Services
Evaluation Criteria

1. *** will be introduced to the skill of watching and listening to the teacher and he will eventually learn to follow receptive commands


*** will be asked to watch and listen to the teacher as she sings and dance (with actions)  –“Here We Go the Mulberry Bush.” Then he will be asked to sing and dance (with actions) with  the teacher.

6 weeks

Family members will help to implement this activity through playing of nursery songs videos at home

*** demonstrates willingness to watch and listen to the teacher for the first two weeks when songs and actions are introduced with many promptings.

*** demonstrates recall or recognition of the lyrics by trying to sing parts of the song and demonstrating a few actions of the song during the second two weeks with the help of some promptings by the teacher.

*** demonstrates 80% mastery of song lyric recall (through trying to sing) and actions in the fifth week, with several  promptings

*** demonstrates mastery even part of the song's lyrics and actions independently with at most 3 promptings by the teacher.

2. *** will be taught how to climb up and down the stairs one step at a time
*** will be guided to step up and down the stairs at school, at first with the teacher holding his right hand, and eventually with no assistance, but still with teacher at his back
6 weeks

Family members will support this by allowing him to climb up and down the sala set and bed at home with guidance at first
*** shows confidence

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