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Friday, May 21, 2010

3 Possible Ways to Get Your Husband Back From the Other Woman

One of your innermost fears had happened. Despite your efforts to make your marriage work, he still felt unsatisfied and left with you for another woman. He was your soul mate, your best friend, your everything, and now with him gone, it is difficult to start all over again by yourself.

These 3 quick steps will help you in your goal:
 1.    Do not bombard him with text messages or calls. Yes, he had left and you miss him terribly. Now what? Your initial reaction is that you want to contact him. For what? Right now, in this kind of situation, no amount of pleas in your texts or calls will make him come back, so better not do such. Just give him time and space, even if it hurts. Make him miss you. In due time, he will see the flaws of his lover and compare her to you.

2.    Focus on improving yourself. There must be a negative reason or two why he left. Reflect on it. Do you still dress up and carry yourself like when you were still dating? Do you still act the way you feel? Yes, you have always loved him, but have you been showing him and making him feel that love prior to leaving? Make a list of your negative aspects, as well as the positive. Change the negative ones, and improve on the negatives. Be strong.

3.    Think positive. Your husband fell in love with you, that was why he married you. Program your heart and mind that no other woman can compare to you. He is just infatuated with her. His love for you is still there, but overpowered by physical attraction towards her that will surely go away.  --ARV


  1. 4. Ask Osang for tips :) Sounds like a joke but there's an implication there :)

  2. Nice one, Roy :) Yeah, why not ? :)